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Contemporary Modern and Retro Modelling

9 favourites from the current digital times, these have a massive range of styles & themes. Studio and outdoors shoots with Gemma Ward, Liza Whittle and Zania Hemed*, Photoshopped with both clean-modern eye enhancement, airbrushed teeth, body curves and optional gothic⁄retro stylings. (More about retro).
Which is your style: Airbrushed Princess Pristine or grungey Courtney Love on glue? I cater for both.

Are you photogenic and proud of it? Selfies all over the social media?
Get in touch - no service charges either way!

Due to my camera upgrade and increasing list of Photoshop tricks, I am looking to demonstrate this with more up-and-coming models (male & female).

College Classics

All of the pictures in this gallery were shot between 1994-96 with students in the college drama studio using a traditional ‘SLR’ film camera and lights. We developed and printed in black & white with all those red lights and chemicals in the darkroom. This is so long ago now, that we got away with smoking in the college darkroom!

Featuring: Lisa Burton, Alex Lewis, Darren Anderson, Lauren Billman, Louise Banyer, Truly Ko and Kelly Collins

Entertainment and Events; Live Shows & Special Events

Since my move to Southampton, live action photography has become my main concentration and speciality. Live Bands, Sports, Special Events & Parties, my huge portfolio for this area of work is held on my second website;

Are you a Live Performer of any type from Rock Band to Magician? I would love to come to your show and do some flashy photography for you to print in posters, use in record sleeves and share online.

Posed pet photos

Posing Pets

While living in Weymouth, my professional photography service expanded to photographing family pets, both posed and in-action around Weymouth. This photo gallery holds a collection of both daylight and indoor studio style photography - great for birthday cards and even Jigsaws!.

My photo service for your pets is usually done at your home with my lights and background sheets, where the animals would be most relaxed and stable. If you are interested in outdoor photos for natural scenery, maybe on the beach or in the woods, this is supported too – just see the 'Action Dogs' gallery below!

Beach dogs photos

Action Dogs!

To practice for photographing sports events, the challenge I set myself on Weymouth beach over the 2014 summer was capturing the action with dogs running around faster than a footballer. Some running while soaking wet and others sun bathing, they can look very dramatic and like something out of Baywatch!

During a dog show on the Marsh in July I took hundreds of photos and a selection are viewable in my gallery here. Unfortunately due to the cluttered surroundings and mandatory dog leads, there were not many photographs that I would class as my professional composition quality.

shows wildlife photos

Wildlife and Nature

These wildlife photographs were collected as I tested my latest camera around Weymouth, Portland and the New Forest with some new Photoshop tricks.

These show well the creativity that can be used in photography by applying all sorts of moods & themes in the post-production, which is an art-form in itself.

I hope that they will also demonstrate the difference between using a professional camera, and producing professional photographs.

Pretty & Creepy Weymouth Scenes

Due to the bland landscape where I lived until mid-2013 (Royston, Hertfordshire) my interest in this area of photography is relatively new. My gallery is full of dramatic and creepy sunrise & sunset scenes, showing off the clarity, colour quality, and creativity of my work.

One of the photos in this set is a summer sunrise shot, looking down Bond Street towards the seafront. Just compare it to the Google street map image!