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Eric Malcolm AKA Del

About Me and Why I'm Free

I am Eric Malcolm or ‘Del’ which 9/10 of people know me as, and I pride myself in creativity and precision.
Photography and Photoshop, in all its sorts, has been a great hobby of mine since college in the mid-90s, and now I want to go professional with a Southampton magazine, newspaper or estate agent. Of course to do so, I will have to show a portfolio of my work and I am currently trying to expand my subjects, as 2014 was concentrated on pets and wildlife.

My ‘Photocaster’ project is not a commercial business; I am usually offering my photography service to you for free if my service is going to benefit my long-term career and if your photography is not for commercial purposes (advertising etc).

I put a lot of time and effort into both the photography and Photoshop editing, trying every style in the field. Oh how the hours have added up! That is why the demo photos on my portfolio gallery look so different from each other; the post-production is creatively tailored to the scene.

Property Sales

Property Sales & Hotel Advertising

A keen interest of mine whilst living in Weymouth, investing in my new wide-angle lens and training myself in seamless side-by-side photo merging! Air brushing can offer as much influence on property photos as the human body.

Hotels: Are you in massive competition with Southampton's hundreds of Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts? The first thing potential customers will look at on your website or fliers will be your photographs. We all know how important first impressions are, so make it a good one for just £5 per room before they see the bill. Don’t settle for a phone or automatic pocket camera when your business is in massive competition.

Homes: Are you selling your house for hundreds of thousands of pounds? Again, whether the advertising is online or in an estate agent’s window, the first impression is going to be the photograph. Get your house photographed and airbrushed for just £5 per room. A 3-bed house with lounge, kitchen and bathroom would total at £30, no charge for outside views. This is a just tiny 0.02% investment in a £150,000 sale.

To respect privacy I cannot display peoples’ homes on my public portfolio. For an example of my work, see The George Hotel which I photographed in 2014.

Dog photos

About Your Pet Photography Service

This was the main focus (pardon the pun) of my work over my summer in Weymouth, with which I have experimented with every style and pose in the book and it has been a massive success. Photographing of dogs is the only service I am placing a charge on for now as I have enough top quality photographs in this area to demo now.

Photo shoots of dogs can be made at attractive locations around Weymouth & Portland, like harbours at sunset, around classic buildings, trees and parks.
For indoor pets such as cats, snakes and hamsters I would come to your house with the lighting rig and backdrops for formal indoor poses.

You will always be offered previews by email and a phone chat to make sure that you are totally happy with your pictures before they go to print. Your prints can be made to both traditional photo paper or mounted canvases for albums or wall hanging display.

Retro photography

About Retro⁄Creative Production

As for styling; one of my top talents with digital photography is the post-production of 'Retro' style images such as Black & White, Sepia and Split-Tone which are back in fashion with professional photographers across the world. The creamy sepia tone is my favourite and seen a lot in my modelling gallery.

'Retro', 'Lo-Fi' or 'Old-Skool' are common terms for the vintage 1960's style images that you would see on photographs of Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon or Sophia Loren as opposed to the clean-pristine of a Justin Bieber calendar. Nowadays it's what differentiates stand-out professional, creative photo production from 'point-and-shoot' with a pocket camera.

Your photos will still be shot in colour, using the professional RAW image format (as opposed to JPEG) ensuring that the re-production of classic film styles is entirely optional and under control.